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Lounge bar

The Lounge Bar of Otium Rooftop is the perfect place to enjoy a drink with friends, colleagues, relatives: an evocative space, between panoramas, outdoor areas surrounded by nature, tastefully furnished rooms. Here you can enjoy memorable cocktails or choose a sought-after wine from our cellar.


At Otium you can live a real cocktail experience: our bartenders prepare signature drinks with high quality products, "staging" the drink in an unforgettable way. It is a total approach to mixology, which avoids the fashions of the moment and aims exclusively at the taste pleasure and the "wow" effect for the look and taste.


The winery of Otium is pleasantly eclectic, as are the horizons of our maître that favors Piedmontese wines, far beyond the only classics, and a selection of excellent wines from Italian regions with sensitive French influences, not limited to champagne.

il bartender di Otium

The Bar Manager

Pier Paolo Cavalli, former bar manager of Zucca and highly experienced bartender, leads the mixology team from Otium Rooftop. Together with his young collaborators, Alessia Casciello, Deborah Saggio and Manuel Bonafede, he has created a selection of cocktails capable of surprising for the quality of the ingredients, culture of mixology: real drink experiences capable of leaving a positive memory.

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Otium si prende una piccola pausa.

Il rooftop resterà chiuso dall’ 1 al 15 gennaio compresi, riaprirà martedì 16 gennaio con i soliti orari.